Federal Judge Allows Plaintiffs to Pursue Class Action Lawsuit Against Bayer

According to a federal judge in California, plaintiffs will be permitted to pursue a class action lawsuit that was filed approximately three years ago. In 2009, David Johns and Marc Bordman claimed that Bayer misled consumers through faulty reports suggesting that their men’s vitamins could support prostate health. Subsequently, the ruling recently handed down by judge Anthony J. Battaglia will permit the plaintiffs to file a class action lawsuit against Bayer for allegedly tricking them into paying more for One-A-Day Men’s Health Formula and Men’s 50+ Advantage vitamins, which claimed to support prostate health. This lawsuit has now joined the ranks of several others over claims Bayer made about prostate cancer and selenium-containing multi-vitamins.

One-A-Day Men’s Health Formula is a complete multivitamin specially formulated for the leading health concerns of men. It contains key nutrients to support heart health and Vitamin D to support healthy blood pressure. The distinct formula is capable of supporting heart health, healthy blood pressure, immunity, and physical energy.

Similar to that of the One-A-Day Men’s Health Formula, Men’s 50+ Advantage vitamins are specifically formulated to assist in the health management of men. However, as the name suggests, Men’s 50+ Advantage vitamins are tailored specifically for men over 50. Their special formula supports memory and concentration, heart health, healthy blood pressure, eye health, physical energy, and immunity.

In addition to the claims made by these multi-vitamins, were promotions that selenium could help maintain a healthy prostate in men who took it. However, June 2009 witnessed the U.S. Food and drug Administration (FDA) refute such claims. According to the FDA, “Two weak studies suggest that selenium intake may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. However, four stronger studies and three weak studies showed no reduction in risk. Based on these studies, FDA concludes that it is highly unlikely that selenium supplements reduce the risk of prostate cancer.”

After the release of such studies, Bayer agreed to amend their packaging and remove the false promises. However, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a health advocacy group, sued Bayer in October of that year for allegedly failing to recall all of the falsely printed labels on their multi-vitamins. While the lawsuit was dismissed, it resulted in a $3.3 million settlement. The settlement also made sure that Bayer ceased making unsubstantiated claims that thier multi-vitamins can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Do I Have a Prostate Cancer Lawsuit?

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