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Is your child a victim?

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is grossly underreported. More troubling is the fact that during the past decade mounting evidence suggests that child sex abusers have operated largely undetected as employees, officials, and volunteers of a variety of our nation’s most trusted institutions and organizations, including schools, churches, summer camps, sports teams, foster programs, scouting programs, and special needs centers.

Recent evidence even suggests that officials of religious organizations such as the Catholic Church may have actively concealed reports of sex abuse by priests, and moved known predators from one church to another where they could prey on additional victims. The Boy Scouts allegedly kept so-called “perversion files” on scout leaders suspected of sex abuse, often without warning parents or making appropriate reports to law enforcement agencies.

School districts, including the immense Los Angeles Unified School District, have been accused of failing to alert parents to suspected abuse and delaying reported abuse to the California state agency charged with the task of evaluating such reports and revoking teacher credentials. The Senators Firm has come alongside numerous victims and their families after the horrifying act(s) of sexual abuse have been done against them, and we are committed to helping many more over the years. Please contact a California child sexual abuse attorney that you can rely on at our firm by calling (949) 557-5800, we are available 24/7.

Proven Representation for Victims and Families

Parents and children can no longer depend on trusted institutions for protection against abuse. Moreover, law enforcement and social services agencies are often understaffed and underfunded. This has effectively compromised their ability to penetrate through walls of secrecy and deceit in order to uncover abuse in our churches and schools in a timely manner. As a result, many of the most archaic examples of institutional child abuse have only been uncovered through the efforts of civil trial attorneys who have expertise in using civil justice procedures to compel testimony and the production of documents from these organizations and to ultimately recover compensation for abuse survivors.

California child sexual abuse lawyers at The Senators Firm, LLP have litigated complicated high-stakes civil cases for decades, and we are not afraid to take on even the biggest and most well-financed wrongdoers. Our clients and their families know that The Senators Firm is committed to doing whatever it takes to obtain justice and rightful compensation for their physical, emotional and economic injuries.

The Senators Firm is currently investigating or litigating a variety of child sexual abuse cases such as:

Boy Scout Abuse
The Boy Scouts of America has come into the national spotlight for the prevalence of sexual abuse in the organization. Parents and guardians should be attentive about their children and should report cases and reasonable suspicions of abuse to a California Boy Scout abuse lawyer at once in order to address an issue of this nature.

Child Exploitation
Exploitation of children can involve minors who are coerced by force or deception, or against their knowledge, into being exploited through video, film or photography. Child exploitation can also occur in other forms such as underage prostitution and sex trafficking. In any form, child exploitation should never be tolerated, and victims have every right to file civil claims for damages.

Clergy Sexual Abuse
For survivors who have been victimized in the past and for families and victims today, legal recourse is available and can be filed against clergy of any religious denomination. Speak with a clergy sexual abuse lawyer from our firm to pursue justice on your child’s behalf.

Cyberstalking and Bullying
Amid the boom in technological advancements, Americans’ social interaction has become deeply intertwined with the internet and cyberspace. This impersonal arena creates an opportunity for abuse, bullying and harassment that is often highly sexualized. As the effects can be incredibly damaging, victims and families should protect their legal rights by filing a claim.

Foster Home Abuse
Statistics regarding the prevalence of abuse in the American foster care system are nothing short of alarming. Children who already face difficult emotional situations in foster homes also face very high risks of sexual abuse. Victims have the opportunity to file claims against offenders and against homes and systems that failed to prevent the abuse.

Sexual Abuse in Private Schools
Although parents, guardians and other adults may be lulled into the false notion that sexual abuse won’t occur at private schools, the fact of the matter is that child sexual abuse can, and does, occur almost anywhere. Teachers, administrators, staff and other adults who sexually abuse children in private schools must be held accountable for their actions.

Sexual Abuse in Public Schools
Teachers are among our most valued and important public servants. Unfortunately, child predators can – and do – enter the profession, often with disastrous consequences. School administrators have a legal duty to detect, report and remove teachers suspected of sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse of Institutionalized Children
Minors in any institution face much higher risks of sexual abuse than those among the general population. From religious organizations to drug and alcohol treatment centers, orphanages, and medical facilities, adults who are trusted to care for these children can easily abuse their authority.

Sexual Abuse of Special Needs Children
Children with disabilities are extremely vulnerable to sexual abuse and are often the most likely to not report their offenders. Not only is sexual abuse of special needs children illegal and incredibly immoral, it is often an enhanced crime in many states. When victims are unable or reluctant to report, family members can work with our experienced attorneys to find justice.

Summer Camp Abuse
Parents expect overnight and day camps to provide a safe “home away from home” environment for their children. The organizers and sponsors of camps have an obligation to properly screen camp employees, to report suspected abuse to proper authorities, and to control the inappropriate conduct of other campers. Their failure to do so may constitute grounds for a civil lawsuit.

Experienced California Child Sexual Abuse Attorneys on Your Side

The Senators Firm is comprised of a legal team that has more than 100 years of combined courtroom and legislative experience. Each of our California child sexual abuse lawyers has also been heavily involved in fighting child sexual abuse in California, and our team has handled numerous cases and political initiatives throughout the course of our careers.

Protecting children and helping victims and families find justice has long since been our personal and professional objective, and we have the legal skills to help anyone in need. If you would like to learn more about your case, our firm’s practice areas, or how we can be of legal assistance, contact The Senators Firm today. We also offer free and confidential case evaluations and encourage all prospective clients to meet with our team and learn how we can fight for you.