California Child Hazing & Bullying Abuse Lawyer

Abuse of Children in California Schools

One of the biggest problems in schools today is the issue of bullying, which sometimes includes sexual hazing. The purpose of schools is to educate children and help them grow; however, this goal can be defeated if the child is victimized by bullies or by sexually abusive students, teachers, and administrators. Whether the child is teased, insulted, made fun of, assaulted, or forced to perform sexual or harmful acts, the results can be extremely damaging and can last for years or even life. Many victimized children are too fearful to bring the issue to light and can suffer from ongoing mistreatment. If you know that your child has been bullied, hazed, or sexually abused, or if you suspect that such injustice is taking place, then contact a California child hazing and bullying lawyer from The Senators Firm for help. Call  (949) 557-5800, we are available 24/7.

How a Lawyer Can Help

We understand the intricate laws surrounding sexual abuse, child hazing, and bullying, and they can provide the counsel your case needs. Contact our offices at your earliest convenience to discuss your case and find out how we can help you fight a serious case of child hazing or bullying at school.

Consult with a Child Hazing & Bullying Sexual Abuse Attorney in California

With our experience and insight into California law and legal procedures, our firm has what it takes to handle any type of sexual abuse, hazing, or bullying case. We have played a part in the Miramonte elementary school sex abuse case and have worked directly with school abuse situations. Contact our firm now to consult for free with a California child bullying and hazing attorney if you need legal representation for a case, or if you simply need information or advice. We provide counsel as well as competent representation. Contact us!