5 Catholic Religious Orders Release More Abuse Scandal Files

Confidential personnel files of a dozen priests and nuns have been released, all of which accuse these members of the catholic order of sexually abusing children for decades on end. Considered to be trusted religious leaders in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the priests and nuns who have been accused of sexual abuse for the molestation of children could soon be facing civil lawsuits for their indiscretions.

A total of 1,700 pages have been released detailing the conditions under which the abuse occurred. Involved in the scandal are 2 nuns and 10 priests of the Los Angeles Catholic church (the largest archdiocese in the nation). The files supplement the thousands of pages that were released by the archdiocese in January of this year, the details of which exposed how the retired Archbishop of the church, R. Mahony, continuously shielded from law enforcement those priests who were connected to complaints of child molestation in the church.

While concerns about the personnel files that have been released touch on the fact that much of this paperwork fails to address the child sexual abuse claims connected with the church, certain members of the clergy have nonetheless been the focus of much of the attention on this issue. Dozens of victims and hundreds of pages have been reviewed in connection with four priests in particular. The findings reveal that years of treatment were spent trying to be cured of pedophilia, participation in Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, and lawsuits and settlements for molestation.

Among the sexual accusations that have been made against the priests and nuns now under scrutiny are:

  • Child molestation, including fondling and kissing
  • Pedophilia
  • Sex

Sexual misconduct associated with the Catholic Church has been an ongoing problem for decades, as evidenced by some of the most recent personnel files released to the public. Dozens more of these files are projected to be exposed later this fall. Additional orders in Los Angeles are expected to be the suppliers of these files.

The issue of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is one that has been at the forefront of our minds since founding our law practice in California. At The Senators Firm, we aim to help the victims of childhood and adult sexual abuse take action against their abusers, and we are prepared to do the same for members of the Catholic Church who were victimized by clergy. Taking legal action can be a very difficult and emotionally trying process, which is why we are here to offer our support throughout the process.

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