A Closer Look at Amusement Ride Safety in Small Establishments

Amusement ride injuries aren’t limited to amusement parks,USA Today reports. According to a recent article, nearly 93,000 child injuries connected to amusement rides occurred between 1990 and 2010. Of these accidents, approximately 11,000 occurred on rides in shopping malls, arcades, and restaurants. These rides included roller coasters, coin-operated rides, log flumes, mini trains, and bumper cars. Ball pits, slides, go-carts, and bounce houses were not included in the study.

34% of child amusement-ride injuries actually occurred at amusement parks. 29% of these injuries happened at carnivals, and approximately 25% of the injuries were not classified. However, the study showed that 12% of the children who suffered amusement-ride injuries were hurt at small establishments such as malls, arcades, and restaurants. One of the researchers said that the study was intended to “to identify the rides you encounter in arcades and shopping malls as being an important source of injury”

The team of researchers gathered data from emergency rooms across the United States. According to researchers, the number of injuries that required hospitalization was surprisingly low. In fact, less than 2% of child amusement park injuries required hospitalization. However, the study also indicated the “mall ride” injuries were more likely to result in head injuries, neck injuries, concussions, and cuts. Most of these accidents occurred when a child fell off of the ride.

According to researchers, these injuries could indicate a lack of safety precautions on the part of malls and other small establishments. One of the researchers said that rides at smaller establishments “may not have had restraints to (secure) the child and they may have been located over hard, unpadded surfaces.” The study also found that most mall ride injuries (56%) were suffered by girls. Approximately 45% of child injuries at small amusement rides were sustained by boys.

To make sure that kids stay safe on mall rides, the article recommends that parents always follow the posted weight, height, and health requirements. Never allow a child to ride if the restrictions indicate that he/she is too small, etc. Children who do not fit within the given measurements may fall out of the ride and suffer a serious injury. If a parent thinks that his/her child will not adhere to the ride safety rules, the parent should not allow the child to participate.

Fighting for Amusement Ride Accident Victims

Amusement ride injuries are avoidable. If your child was hurt in an amusement park or on a mall ride, you may be entitled to money through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Contact The Senators Firm to see what our team of topnotch accident attorneys can do for your case, or click here to fill out a free, online case evaluation form.