Alleged Molestation at Lawndale High School Caught on Video

A 60-year-old man was arrested after a three-day investigation involving molestation allegations at Leuzinger High School. According to police officials, the crime can be seen on surveillance videos. The defendant, a former union official, allegedly molested a 16-year-old, mentally challenged high school student after he followed her into a school stairwell. The crime occurred on May 7th and the man was arrested three days later.

The crime was also witnessed by the girl’s fellow students, who reported what they saw to the school principal. A Sgt. with the Sheriff’s Department’s Special Victims Unit said that one of the witnesses recorded the incident on his cellphone but deleted the video afterward. The crime also left law enforcement wondering if the man has taken advantage of past students. “He’s been there over 20 years,” said the Sgt., “With this type of behavior, we definitely want to explore the possibility of additional victims…”

After detectives investigated the crime, the man was arrested and charged with three misdemeanor counts of molesting a child. According to law enforcement, California law does not have any provisions for child molestation based on the mental capacity of the victim, but it does make provisions for molestation based on the child’s age. The suspect posted bail for $60,000 the day after his arrest, and the school district released a statement indicating that the crime was reported to police as soon as the students told school officials.

“Although the district is not at liberty to disclose information that is under investigation,” the statement indicated, “please rest assured that all steps have been taken to ensure the care and safety of the student involved as well as the safety and well-being of all students.” The school superintendent said that the district “will not tolerate any individual who compromised the safety of our students” and indicated that the school district would cooperate fully with police during the investigation.

Sexual Abuse in California Schools

Sexual abuse is a serious issue in California public schools. According to researchers, approximately 10% of all students experience sexual abuse in elementary, middle, or high school. That’s why the Senators Firm is dedicated to helping victims of abuse and their families recover the fair and just compensation that they deserve. Our team has recovered millions of dollars for clients – let us put this experience to work for your case.

Sometimes, the criminal justice system fails to hold schools responsible for sexual abuse that involves teachers or other school employees. We believe that your child’s school is responsible for his/her safety. If your loved one suffered abuse, you may be able to collect the financial compensation you need and deserve through a claim or lawsuit. Contact The Senators Firm to learn more about your opportunities with our team of topnotch California lawyers.