Australia Becomes Latest Country to Warn Consumers of Dangerous DMAA Side Effects

In continuing with a recent global trend, several prominent healthcare regulatory agencies have begun to publicly express their concern regarding dietary supplements that contain DMAA. The most recent of which are Australian authorities who have warned consumers of the increased propensity for severe side effects that may coincide with the use of sports supplements that contain DMAA. Furthermore, the influx of injuries following DMAA use has caused The Australian Federal Department of Health and Ageing and the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling to consider placing a permanent ban on the ambiguous ingredient.

Having already achieved global status, DMAA has become a prominent ingredient in hundreds of fitness and dietary supplements. Its unique mechanism of action combined with diet and exercise, helps men and women achieve maximum results from their daily workout. Subsequently, DMAA has the inherent ability to increase both workout efficiency and energy, therefore optimizing physical activity. It is often used by those who are looking to build muscle mass within a short period of time.

Unfortunately, the temporary boost in stamina may be accompanied by severe complications. Of significant concern, however, is the recent influx of life-threatening side effects that have been associated with the use of products containing DMAA. Those adding DMAA to their current workout routine may significantly increase their risk of experiencing adverse health events such as rapid heart beat, seizure, loss of consciousness, muscle injury during exertion, heart attack, stroke and kidney and liver damage.

According to the Directorate of Strategic Communications Office of the Surgeon General, DMAA is also believed to be the cause of death in 2 U.S. soldiers. The two soldiers, ages 22 and 32, each collapsed during strenuous physical activity due to the onset of cardiac arrest. The toxicology reports of each individual revealed traces of DMAA that had been ingested through dietary supplements.

Due to the severity and frequency in which consumers are experiencing adverse health events, regulatory agencies around the world have begun to question the safety and efficacy of DMAA products. Denmark, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada and the UK have each taken varying actions against DMAA products over these concerns. However, June 18 witnessed Australian authorities take their own action. Subsequently, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) acknowledged the dangers associated with DMAA and warned Australians off the pre-workout products.

According to Melanie Fisher, FSANZ Deputy Chief Executive Officer, “Consumers that have purchased the sports food products listed below should not consume the product and discard it.”

Currently in the process of reevaluating their position on DMAA products, Australian authorities have begun an intensive investigation into the range of products that have received complaints. Fisher acknowledged that “the New South Wales Food Authority has tested 12 of these products and 11 have tested positive for DMAA.” Those brands are: Noxpump, 3-D Explosion, Beta-Cret, PreSurge, 1 MR, Cyroshock, Jack3D, Mesomorph, Neurocore, Oxyelite powder and Hemo Rage Black. Complaints regarding these products have ranged from mild to severe, yet still demand the attention of healthcare regulatory agencies.

In a meeting scheduled for later this moth, regulatory officials are convening to discuss the future of DMAA products in Australia. Their decision, whether it be to ban DMAA or not, will have an overwhelming affect on the global sales of such products.

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