Boy Bullied at Miramonte Required Surgery for Serious Injury

Charges continue to stack against the Los Angeles School District as families file lawsuits related to child abuse and bullying at Miramonte Elementary School. In the most recent case, a mother has claimed that her special needs son was bullied so violently that he had to have one of his testicles removed.

The boy’s mother claims the bullying started in 2012, around the same time that allegations of child abuse were raised against school staff members. She claims that her son was kicked, slapped, and otherwise abused on campus.

According to her report, the boy had attempted to take shelter in the school restroom, but was sexually assaulted there by a fellow student. The severity of the injuries he sustained is documented in various medical bills, including his urological surgery.

LAUSD Makes Efforts to Improve Schools

Miramonte has put forth efforts to improve the school environment, and the principal claims that there is an “open door policy” for abuse and bullying concerns. In spite of this, the boy’s mother claims to have received no assistance with numerous complaints during the time her son was bullied. She removed him from the school in June 2013 after the alleged abuse had gone on without staff intervention for more than a year.

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