Charges Officially Filed Against Torrance Coach Facing Scores of Abuse and Molestation Allegations

Last week, the Superior Court of the State of California for Los Angeles County received the official criminal complaint against Thomas Joseph Snider, the Torrance teacher and coach accused of over 40 counts of lewd acts upon children and child molestation. The charges, filed by District Attorney Jackie Lacey, also included one count of lewd acts not previously mentioned in initial reports.

The criminal complaint, filed April 20, includes the previously reported 41 charges involving 25 student male athletes: 33 lewd acts upon children and eight molestation charges. These charges allegedly took place between September 2013 and January 2015. However, one additional charge predates these charges by nearly two decades.

One additional charge of lewd acts upon children allegedly committed between April 1993 and April 1994 is the last charge listed in the court document. The charge brings the total number of charges to 42 and the total number of victims to 26. Earlier this month, Snider has pleaded not guilty to the accusations and unsuccessfully petitioned for medical release.

Trial Still Pending

According to the latest report from CBS 2 News, Snider’s next court date is May 1. Following the filing of the charges, Snider’s bail more than doubled—from $900,000 to $2 million. It is unclear how the newly included charge affected the bail sentencing or how investigators will use it to frame the charges against Snider. According to CBS, if Snider is convicted, he will face more than 37 years in prison.

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