Cleveland Woman Blames OxyElite Pro for Hospitalization

According to the FDA, more than 50 people have suffered illness after taking a popular dietary supplement, OxyElite Pro. Another case developed recently when a Cleveland woman went to her doctor with persistent stomach pain.

She said, “Something just told me to tell [my doctor] about the dietary supplement that I was taking…He looked it up on his phone quickly, and here it was pulled from the shelf.”

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The dietary supplement she was taking, OxyElite Pro, had been recall in on November 9th, 2013. The woman started taking the supplement in June, but didn’t visit her doctor for several months.

“It wasn’t until the end of September I started feeling kind of nauseated and feeling like I’m always about to vomit,” she told news sources, “I didn’t connect the dots; I was actually thinking, maybe it’s something I ate.”

The FDA reports two dozen others who were hospitalized after take the same product. Two required liver transplants, and one died.

Although the FDA and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have not found a conclusive link between OxyElite and liver illness, the FDA advised consumers to avoid any product labeled “OxyElite Pro.”

“There have been a lot of supplements over the years that have caused liver problems,” said one doctor, “…We generally don’t even hear about these things … and then all of a sudden we hear about several cases.”

OxyElite Pro Lawsuits

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