Concerns About Overselling Testosterone Continue

Since a recent study has associated testosterone products with a significantly increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and death, many medical experts and researchers have stated that aside from these alarming risks, the sheer popularity of testosterone therapy among American men is also cause for concern. As mentioned in a previous blog, testosterone use has ballooned over the past decade. From 2001 to 2011, the number of men using testosterone nearly quadrupled. In 2011, there were 5.3 million prescriptions written for testosterone products such as AndroGel®.

A recent editorial from the New York Times tackles this issue by reiterating the fact that too many doctors are prescribing testosterone to men without a verifiable medical condition or necessity. In many cases, these doctors are prescribing testosterone therapy without even determining if a man’s testosterone levels are low or if they have a justifiable medical condition.

The reason for this, the article claims, is that drug companies have aggressively marketed testosterone directly to consumers – often as a type of cure-all for typical middle-aged male problems like low libido and low energy. “Low T” has now become the “condition” that men who take testosterone suffer from. AbbVie – the company that manufactures the testosterone industry leader AndroGel – even lists “Low T” as one of the top five health risk men face.

The article also states that the overselling of testosterone is similar to the “reckless overprescribing” of female hormone replacement therapy of the past, which includes estrogen treatments. A 2002 federal study ultimately found that many of these products caused more harm and created more risk than benefits. As more research about the risks and benefits of testosterone unfolds, there is at least enough evidence and concern about overselling of drugs to warrant some significant change.

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