Contaminated Nutritional Supplements May Be Responsible for 9 Deaths

Meds IV Pharmacy, stationed out of Birmingham, has recently come under intense scrutiny after an intravenous nutritional supplement of theirs was found containing a potentially fatal bacterium. Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), the supplement in question, may be responsible for the deaths of nine patients at numerous Alabama hospitals across the state.

Ten more patients who were administered Total Parenteral Nutrition also showed significant signs of the infectious bacteria. However, their reaction to the bacteria resulted in severe sickness. Investigations later identified the bacterium as Serratia marcescens, an infectious bacteria usually found in contaminated water.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) was able to track the bacteria outbreak to Meds IV, after being asked by the state of Alabama for help in this devastating situation. Immediately after the Pharmacy was notified, they issued a voluntary recall of the contaminated nutritional supplements.

The CDC acknowledged that this outbreak may be the result of a breakdown in the manufacturing process, but will not know for sure until the investigation comes to a close.

As a result of this recent outbreak, the health system has removed all of the products associated with the pharmacy in question and assured the problem was dealt with appropriately. As for Meds IV, the company voluntarily closed its doors and will unlikely open them again in the future.

Do I Have A Contaminated Nutritional Supplement Lawsuit?

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