Coumadin Recalled on the Account of Dangerously High Potency

Bristol-Myers Squibb became the subject of major concern across the healthcare community on May 3rd, when a popular medication of theirs was found containing a dangerously high potency. Coumadin (generic: warfarin), the medication in question, is a popular blood thinner used in the prevention of blood clots and embolisms. Due to high potency levels, Coumadin may be responsible for adverse health effects in patients that include excessive bleeding and a potential for overdose. Accordingly, a nationwide recall has been issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pertaining to a specific lot of Coumadin.

The recall affects one lot of Coumadin Crytstalline 5 mg tablets in 1,000-count bottles. The recalled bottles have a lot number of 9H49374A and are distributed via prescriptions in smaller quantities. The recalled pills have an expiration date of September 30, 2012.

The FDA issued the fallowing warning pertaining to the affected lot of Coumadin:

Bristol-Myers Squibb initiated a voluntary recall of one lot of 1,000-count bottles of Coumadin (warfarin sodium) Crystalline 5 mg tablets. Company testing of tablets from a returned bottle found a tablet to be higher in potency than expected. The lot number affected in the U.S. is 9H49374A with an expiry date of September 30, 2012. A decrease of active ingredient may increase the risk of clots which could lead to heart attack or stroke, and if there is too much active ingredient, there is an increased risk of bleeding.

This latest recall represents the second time in the past year that a Coumadin lot has been recalled. In July 2010, three lots of Coumadin were recalled after routine tests had determined that low quality isopropanol was responsible for diminished effectiveness, as the pills were subject to changing over time.

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