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Two days ago, on August 6th, a MedWatch Safety Alert was posted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which stated that a nationwide recall of Best Slim 40 dietary supplements was currently underway. The recall, which was conducted by CTV Best Group, began after the FDA found the supplement to contain sibutramine (the active ingredient in the formerly withdrawn medication known as Meridia).

It was more than two years ago, in 2010, that sibutramine was officially taken off the market in the United States, at which time it was revealed that use of the drug, which was included in Meridia, was linked to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

When it first came onto the market, Meridia was used to treat obesity. Approved by the FDA in November of 1997, the medication remained on the market for more than a decade and wasn’t recalled until October of 2010. Investigation of the use of Meridia between November 1, 1997 and August 27, 2012 reported:

  • 390 cases of increased blood pressure
  • 73 cases of heart attack
  • 52 cases of stroke

The AdverseEvents Research Team also identified 764 hospitalizations and 187 deaths connected to use of Meridia.

Despite these findings, the drug was again used in the manufacture of Best Slim 40, a dietary supplement that has since been classified as an unapproved new drug. Even more unsettling is the fact that the ingredient is nowhere to be found on the nutritional label of Best Slim 40.

Since the announcement of the recall, all lots of Best Slim 40, which were distributed between April and July of 2013, have been removed from shelves. The FDA has sounded strong warnings against use of the product, stating that sibutramine can cause an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate, and could even lead to stroke, heart failure, arrhythmias, or coronary artery disease.

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