Depakote Birth Defects At the Heart of Recent Lawsuit

Abbot Laboratories has recently been accused of inadequately informing patients and doctors about the potential risks associated with their epileptic drug Depakote (Generic: valporic acid). This medication, which is often used in the treatment of severe epileptic disorders, has recently received intense amounts of scrutiny in the public eye.

The most recent accusation comes in the form of a class action lawsuit filed against Abbot Laboratories that claims Depakote is responsible for severe, life-threatening birth defects in children who were born to mothers who took the drug while pregnant. Patients allege that Abbot Laboratories deliberately neglected public safety after they failed to properly warn patients of potentially fatal Depakote side effects.

As recent as May 2010, healthcare professionals discovered that pregnant women who took a steady regimen of Depikote in their first trimester, potentially before they even know thy are pregnant, could increase the risk of their child developing a severe, life-threatening birth defect. Therefore, it may be too late for many women to quit using Depakote in order to prevent their child from developing any birth defects.

In recent weeks, more than 50 women have filed class action lawsuits against Abbot Laboratories alleging that the use of Depakote during pregnancy caused their children to be born with sever birth defects. All of the lawsuits claim that side effects of Depakote use during pregnancy caused the children to suffer from spina bifida, cleft palate, heart defects or other birth deformations. The parents allege that Abbott Laboratories knew or should have known about the risk of birth defects from Depakote and failed to warn doctors and parents.

Do I Have A Class Action Lawsuit?

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