Dietary Supplement Manufacturers Plead Guilty to the Addition of Unapproved Drugs In Their Products

Recent months have witnessed an influx of negligent practices within the dietary supplement industry. Questionable manufacturing processes have led to the distribution of dangerously ambiguous products. Further compounding the already tense atmosphere of the dietary supplement industry are several firms that were recently found guilty for selling muscle building supplements laced with undisclosed and unapproved ingredients. Subsequently, R&D Holding LLC (otherwise known as Culver Concepts, Bradley Asgard, and Bjorklund), DCD LLC, and Advanced Muscle Science have all been fined a significant amount of money for their transgressions against the industry.

In an order passed down by Chief U.S. district judge B. Lynn Winmill, R&D Holdings LLC and several subsidiaries were fined $21,000 for selling supplements that contained synthetic anabolic steroids and similar synthetic analogs. DCD LLC and it’s subsidiary Advanced Muscle Science was fined $125,000 for the same infractions. The sentence passed down by Winmill included a mandatory probational period in which the companies are to implement strict testing protocols. Doing so will make sure future products do not contain synthetic steroids. Furthermore, R&D was instructed to halt production for two years from the date of sentencing.

The sentencing of these firms for their recent transgressions may prove beneficial to the entire dietary supplement industry. In a statement issued by the Department of Justice on January 17, representatives acknowledged that these “prosecutions and today’s sentencings are necessary to protect the public from synthetic steroids masquerading as dietary supplements.” Further more, prosecutions such as these may prove to be positive steps for the dietary supplement industry.

Xanthigen, the ingredient found with the questionable products, is an entirely new class of weight loss agents. As a potentially versatile ingredient capable of “filtering” weight loss, Xanthigen is a novel, patent-pending botanical compound. While clinical tests have demonstrated a propensity for accelerated weight loss, the safety and efficacy remain ambiguous. The supplements involved in the recent trial include the following:

  • Microdrol
  • Methyldrostanolone
  • Orafinarol 50
  • Dienedrone
  • Liquidrone

Each of these products were distributed through a large internet-based retailer.

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