Elementary School Teacher’s Aide Assaults Students & Staff, Injures 5

Monday morning brought with it a bizarre set of events at one San Fernando Valley elementary school. Shortly after drop-off time at Van Nuys Elementary School yesterday morning, a female teacher’s aide allegedly began assaulting fellow staff members and several students. According to authorities, the teacher’s aide was acting erratically and began throwing chairs.

According to several witnesses, including students and parents, the teacher’s aide reportedly hit one 12-year-old student in the stomach. One also parent reported seeing a young girl bleeding from her head. Officials from the Los Angeles Police Department said it was not clear what led to the assaults, but that the woman had been treated by paramedics. A total of five people, including three children, were transported to the hospital for their injuries.

As authorities continue to investigate the strange series of events, school officials have told parents that the teacher’s aide, who worked with special education students, will not be returning to the school. She was also arrested by LAPD officers and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Her bail has been set at $30,000.