Faulty Advertising Plagues Dietary Supplement Industry

Continuing with a current trend, recent months have witnessed several dietary supplement manufacturers face significant criticism for their involvement in fraudulent advertising practices. Subsequently, the dietary supplement industry has seemingly become synonymous with false and misleading promotions. Among the latest to face the repercussions of such illicit practices, are the makers of the once popular Hydroxycut. Accordingly, the firm has been ordered to pay $1.5 million to settle complaints regarding deceptive advertising with several products.

Canadian-based Lovate Health Systems, in conjunction with its U.S. counterpart Lovate Health Systems USA, is currently facing ten dietary supplement lawsuits, each of which pertain to faulty advertising. Ten district attorneys are currently in the process of litigation over false and misleading claims about the following products: Accelis, nanoSLIM, Cold MD, Germ MD, Allergy MD, and EZ-Swallow.

Compounding the current litigation even further, are accusations that Lovate violated Californian statute Proposition 65 by promoting the distribution of unapproved new drugs with faulty labeling. Under Proposition 65, products may not contain more than 0.5 micrograms of lead per daily dose. However, court documents suggests that Cold MD contains more than 0.5 micrograms of lead per daily dose. Subsequently, the appropriate warning labels were not added to inform the public of the lead increase.

While neglecting to admit to their faulty claims, Lovate agreed to abide by the subsequent court orders. To prevent further false claims made by Lovate, and similar companies, the court ordered the firm to pay $1.2 million in civil penalties and $300,000 in investigative costs.

This recent litigation serves as a warning to those companies who will look to purposely mislead consumers with faulty advertising. By passing down this order, many district attorneys believe future events such as this may be avoided. “The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office is committed to working with prosecutors throughout California to protect our citizens from deceptive advertising and potentially harmful products,” said Sonoma County district attorney Jill Ravitch.

Do I Have a Dietary Supplement Lawsuit?

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