FDA Announces Nemschoff Hospital Bassinet Recall

What was once intended to assist in the medical care of individual infants, has now become a topic of increasing concern to the pediatric community. Subsequently, Nemschoff Chairs, Inc. is involved in a Class 1 recall that has witnessed several of their pediatric hospital beds be removed from the market for their increased propensity for injury. While its swivel caster configuration makes it difficult to maneuver, flawed design plans increase the risk of drawers opening while in motion. Such adverse events may result in a number of severe, life-threatening injuries to the child contained in the Nemschoff hospital bassinet.

Nemschoff Chairs, Inc. has provided quality healthcare furniture solutions for patients for approximately 50 years. As one of the recent additions to their perinatal arsenal, The Nemschoff bassinet is a wheeled cart intended to hold and transport infants within the confines of a pediatric hospital. The top of the cart consists of a bassinet and mattress in which the infant is cradled. Situated just below, are drawers, shelves, and miscellaneous cabinetry intended for storage and convenience. The cart also has a built in swivel coaster configuration to facilitate transportation between locations.

Unfortunately, recent months have witnessed an influx of complications become associated with the Nemschoff hospital bassinet. The doors and drawers may inadvertently open while the bed is in motion and the product may be difficult to maneuver due to its swivel caster configuration. If either of these events were to occur, the child on the unit may sustain a number of severe, life-threatening injuries. Complaints have suggested that these events may lead to infants falling from the bed or getting caught in open drawer configurations.

In response to the growing concern, Nemschoff, Inc. sent an “Important Medical Correction” letter and email on October, 14, 2011 to the customers who purchased the hospital bassinet. Acknowledged in the letter were descriptions of the product, problem, and appropriate actions that should be taken.

However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently notified healthcare professionals and medical care organizations about a Class 1 Nemschoff Hospital Bassinet recall in order to correct issues with the wheels (casters), door hinges and drawer slides on the cart’s frame.

Class 1 recalls are reserved for products that are an immediate danger of causing serious injury or death. Due to the severe injuries that may be sustained by children in the event that these events should occur, the FDA has begun a Nemschoff Hospital Bassinet recall. The Nemschoff hospital bassinets included in this recall have the potential to cause the following types of injuries to infants:

  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Broken bones
  • Bone fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries

The current Nemschoff Hospital Bassinet recall includes the models BSNT/01 and BSNT/02 that were manufactured between 11/2003 and 02/2008. Similar models that were also included in the Nemschoff Hospital Bassinet recall were BSNT/03 and BSNT/04 and were manufactured between 11/21/2003 to present.

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