FDA Warns of Dangerous Steroids in Brand of Vitamin B Supplements

On Saturday, reports from CNN revealed that federal regulators from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are now advising consumers against the use of a particular brand of vitamin B dietary supplement, warnings of which claim that the product is believed to potentially contain harmful anabolic steroids. The supplement, Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First B-50, is a product of Mira Health Products, and according to reports from the FDA, it contains trace amounts of a controlled substance known as methasterone, as well as dimethazine.

Methasterone and dimethazine are classified steroids, and these steroids are precisely what have caught the attention of the FDA. H. Sklamberg, director of the FDA’s compliance office, has released an official statement regarding the matter, saying that, “products marketed as a vitamin but which contain undisclosed steroids pose a real danger to consumers and are illegal.” Such is the case with Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First B-50, which contains not one, but two steroids in a product that was marketed as nothing more than a vitamin.

A total of 29 complaints have been lodged against the product as of yet, and regulators anticipate more. To date, grievances such as fatigue, liver and thyroid problems, muscle pain, and cramps have all been reported in conjunction with use of the Healthy Life Chemistry product. Side effects particular to women who used Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First B-50 include sporadic menstruation cycles and unusual hair growth. In men, use of the product is said to result in both low testosterone and impotence.

No deaths have been reported from use of Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First B-50; however, a number of patients have been hospitalized from their use of the “vitamin” supplement. Now, anyone who has used the product and experienced symptoms such as those described above are encouraged to immediately seek medical care. A report should also be made to the FDA, and you might want to speak with a California defective drug lawyer from our firm as well.

Mira Health Products LTD, based in New York, is the manufacturer of Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First B-50. While the company has yet to release an official statement on the findings connected to their product, we already know that the supplement was distributed in stores and online. Accordingly, all types of consumers are urged to speak with a medical professional as well as a legal attorney if they took this supplement and are now experiencing adverse symptoms of any degree. When you contact The Senators Firm, we can help you take legal action to seek compensation for the pain and suffering that you were caused as the victim of unknowingly taking a supplement that contained undisclosed steroids.

The Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First B-50 scandal is unfortunately not the first of its kind. In fact, it is only one among a long line of defective drugs that have been manufactured and sold in the pharmaceutical industry. Other pharmaceutical products like the Vitamin B supplement, including over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications, have also contributed the growing wealth of the healthcare industry, which just so happens to be a multi-trillion dollar industry.

The competitive marketplace within the healthcare field has unequivocally resulted in practices that could be described as both immoral and dangerous to consumers. Defective drugs and unsafe medications have both cropped up on far too many occasions, many of which are inadequately made and / or introduced to the market without the proper testing and warnings. Similar circumstances were very likely involved in the critical issues that recently arose in connection to the Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First B-50 supplement. For anyone who was harmed through the use of this supplement, we encourage you to contact a California defective drug attorney at our office for help.