Firm Recalls Two Sports Supplements for Containing Aegeline

Since the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) flagged an ingredient known as aegeline for lack of evidence of safety, several sports supplement companies have been removing aegeline-containing products from their shelves. Physique Enhancing Science (PES) is one such sports supplement company that has taken action, recalling certain lots of its Enhanced and Alphamine products. PES’s recall of these products comes shortly after an investigation by the FDA into the outbreak of liver injuries among some users of the weight-loss supplement, OxyElite Pro.

Enhanced, a pre-workout supplement, and Alphamine, a fat burner, have both been recalled for containing the same ingredient – aegeline – that has been found in the OxyElite Pro product made by USP Labs. Health officials have been clear in their declaration that there is no definite link between aegeiline, OxyElite Pro, and the instances of liver damage that have been reported; however, several companies such as PES are taking safety recall measures nonetheless.

Although the company has declined to respond to any of the requests for interviews that it has received from USA TODAY, it has since issued a statement on its website regarding the recalled products. According to the official PES website, the Enhanced product is “currently under reformulation,” and a new formula is expected to be released in January 2014. In its recall of the two products, PES asked that consumers who purchased either of the supplements return the products immediately.

  • Customers who purchased any Enhanced products distributed between February 4th and November 5th have been asked to return the pre-workout supplements.
  • Customers who purchased any Alphamine products distributed between September 9th and November 12th have also been asked to return the fat-burning supplements.

To date, the company has received no indications of serious or adverse effects from either of these products, but has still recalled the items out of caution. Based on a warning letter that was sent to USP Labs by the FDA last month, it is now known that aegeline, a compound that can be found in a certain type of Asian tree, is considered to be a new dietary ingredient. Furthermore, aegeline lacks a history of use and evidence of its safety in the U.S. prior to 1994. Accordingly, those supplements containing aegeline have been brought into question, and many are being recalled from shelves nationwide.

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