Foreign Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Prompts Attention in U.S. Federal Courts

Under the Alien Tort Claims Act of 1789, foreigners are allowed to bring human rights abuse claims to the United States when the courts in their homeland fail to establish proper relief. This seldom used law was recently used in U.S. District Judge Josephine S. Tuckers decision to allow a Mexican man, who claims he was the victim of sexual abuse by a priest, to have his case brought before the U.S. federal court system.

This victim, known only to us as Juan Doe 1, claims he was 12 years old when he was raped by Father Nicholas Aguilar Rivera in the Diocese of Tehuacan. Since then, Aguilar has been transfered to Los Angeles where he has been accused of at least 26 sexual assaults during his nine month stint in the archdiocese.

Judge Tucker believed the alleged victims allegations of “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” were covered under the Alien Tort Claims Act. This recent ruling gives hope to victims in foreign countries who have suffered abusive treatment at the hands of church officials who were transferred internationally.

The groundbreaking ruling made by Judge Tucker regarding these heinous acts against humanity will ultimately pave the way to seeing pedophile priests in other countries be brought to justice.

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