Former SD School Teacher Charged with Child Molestation

Charges of child molestation have been filed against a former elementary school teacher, Robert Noel Anderson. Anderson formerly taught fourth and sixth grades at Dehesa Elementary School. The man was arrested at his San Diego home, NBC 7 reports.

Jan Caldwell, spokesperson for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said that the ex-teacher is charged with eight counts of child molestation. These eight cases reportedly occurred over the course of a decade, between 2003 and 2013. Eight incidents were alleged to occur involving five minors. Caldwell said that most of the alleged victims are now adults.

Accusations against Anderson were made as early as 2003, but at that time, a case could not be made against the teacher because of a lack of evidence available. Anderson was popular among both students and parents, and taught until his resignation in 2006. Law enforcement’s continued work on the case over the years culminated in Anderson’s arrest last Wednesday, September 10.

Anderson was booked into San Diego County Jail. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Child Abuse Unit at (858) 974-2310.

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