GNC Halts Sale of Supplements Containing Questionable Ingredient

Two products sold by nutritional supplement retailer GNC have recently come under attack for using a new stimulant ingredient that could carry serious health risks. The ingredient, marketed under such names as AMP Citrate, 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate, and DMBA, is facing criticism from scientists, a major industry group, and senators.

The products that used the ingredient in question, Redline White Heat and OxyTHERM Pro, were removed from GNC’s website after USA Today published an article that criticized the ingredients and the products that used it. GNC did not respond to questions about its decision to remove these products from the online store.

The stimulant ingredient in question is a chemical compound that is somewhat similar to DMAA, which has been said by the FDA to carry significant health dangers, including heart attacks. GNC is not the only company using the ingredient in their products, as many other health-based retailers also continue to sell workout, weight-loss, and mental focus products that contain the potentially dangerous ingredient.

GNC made a statement to USA Today stating that they had trusted the product manufacturer’s contractual representations and warranties concerning the ingredient’s safety, which is why the ingredient was incorporated into the products. GNC also noted that it was unaware of any public backlash regarding the ingredient.

Pieter Cohen of Harvard Medical School co-authored a study published last week that analyzed the amount of the stimulant ingredient used in the two GNC products and others. Cohen questioned GNC’s judgment in promoting supplements that used the ingredient without first testing their safety, and stated that he believed the FDA should place responsibility on both manufacturers and retailers.

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