High School Football Players Arrested for Alleged Assault in Westlake, CA

Last Wednesday, three of Westlake High School’s football players were arrested for the alleged assault of a group of freshman teammates. The allegations stem from events that took place while the football team was enjoying a 6-day stay at the Hyatt Place Waikiki for the opening game of their season.

According to reports, last Wednesday night a group of approximately 25 high school seniors on the Westlake football team broke into a hotel room occupied by 5 of the newest freshman members of the team. The events that followed have allegedly been classified as assault. Since last week’s episode, 3 of the team’s senior players have been arrested for assault. Honolulu law enforcement officers have also reported that one suspected team member could be facing a felony charge for sexual assault in the third degree. (The case has been declined as of now.)

All three suspects in the case are minors, two of whom immediately flew back home in an alleged attempt to escape criminal charges in Hawaii. Parental supervisors who were present for last week’s assaults have described the incident as much more than typical bullying or hazing. In fact, one parent went so far as to describe the incident as a full-on fight between upperclassmen and a freshman quarterback, noting that at least one player received very substantial injuries.

The football team, which returned to Southern California on Saturday night, is still awaiting the final say from school officials as to how the incident will be treated. Currently, investigations into the alleged assault and the potential punishments for the seniors’ behavior are underway. A statement from the Conejo Valley Unified School District addressed the issue, saying, “We were disappointed to learn of this incident. We are working with the WHS administration and coaching staff to determine just what occurred and to develop the appropriate actions in response.”

Given the seriousness of the matter, it is still unknown how long the investigative process will take. In the meantime, victims of last week’s assault should not wait to speak to a California child sexual abuse attorney. The Senators Firm℠ can review the options that are available to you as the victim of such behavior. We are here to work with you during this difficult time, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.