Hollywood Representative of Young Actors Was Arrested on Multiple Counts of Molestation

With several high profile molestation cases receiving a lot of attention from mainstream media, a significant concern for child safety has been renewed. Subsequently, parents all over the nation have begun to question the moral integrity of the adults placed in charge of their children. Adding to the already large concern, police in Santa Monica recently arrested a man who specializes in representing young actors for allegedly molesting one of his clients.

According to Det. John Alviani, coordinator for the sexual assault unit of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga Division, Tuesday witnessed officers arrest Martin Weiss on the suspicion of committing several lewd and salacious acts upon children under the age of 14.

Authorities were made aware of Weiss’ heinous acts against humanity when the alleged victim alerted police that he had been sexually assaulted in Weiss’ Santa Monica apartment and in a home in Woodland Hills. Further compounding the issue was an affidavit filed in a Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of the 18-year-old man. According to the affidavit, the alleged victim went to police on November 17 to report that Weiss had molested him from the age of 11 or 12. Acknowledged in the document were approximately 40 counts of sexual abuse committed by Weiss that took place over a three year time frame, before the victim was 15 years of age.

According to the affidavit, “the victim said Weiss told him that what they were doing was common practice in the entertainment industry, and if the victim were to tell anyone it would ruin the victim’s career and hurt them both.” Scared of what might happen to his potential career, the victim kept quite for three years while Weiss allegedly continued to molest him. The victim claims that the abuse ended around the age of 15, when he severed ties with Weiss.

Contradictory to what the victim alleged, Weiss claims that the sexual contact was mutual. He acknowledged, in the affidavit, that sexual contact did take place. However, “Weiss intimated that he targeted the victim because the victim showed interest.” He also went out of his way to say that his case differs from that of the recent Penn State Scandal because those kids did not exhibit mutual consent.

As recently as Monday, LAPD obtained a warrant to search Weiss’ apartment and vehicle. Subsequently, they were looking for child pornography, letters and photographs depicting the now 18-year-old man or other potential child victims. As of now, what was found has not been disclosed.

Repercussions of Weiss’ actions resonated at his firm, Martin Weiss Management. Clients of his received the following email alert on Tuesday:

“It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I immediately dissolve Martin Weiss Management and release all actors from their contracts,” the email said. “Please do not try [to] contact me. I will let everyone know what is happening at the proper time. Thank you for being wonderful clients and friends.”

Weiss is currently being held at Men’s Central Jail where his bail was set at $300,000 because of the multiple counts of sexual abuse alleged in the complaint.

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