Kava Tea May Be Linked to Severe Kidney Damage

The islands of the Western Pacific boast an exotic plant known for its sedative and anesthetic properties. For thousands of years Pacific Ocean cultures have utilized the kava plant in celebrations by exploiting its inherent ability to relax an individual without disrupting their mental clarity. Kavalactones (psychoactive compounds) that reside in the roots of the kava plant may be extracted in order to create a drinkable liquid that possess the chemical properties to induce sedation.

As word of the beneficial properties of kava reached the mainland of the United States, the popularity of kava tea accelerated at an exponential rate. Advocates of kava tea claim that the psychoactive compounds help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and calm nerves.

Unfortunately, studies suggest that the ingestion of kava may be responsible for severe forms of kidney and liver damage. In a recent example, doctors from the University of Rochester Medical Center submitted a case study to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine regarding a patient who was diagnosed with a severe form of kidney failure.

The patient admitted to drinking kava tea a couple of times a week to combat the symptoms of anxiety. However, the same day in which the patient admitted to drinking twice as much kava tea then normal, he collapsed from kidney failure. He was diagnosed with a form of kidney failure caused by muscle damage, known as rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis is a condition in which the skeletal muscle is damaged and releases myoglobin into the bloodstream. When filtered through the kidneys, myoglobin may be responsible for severe kidney failure or even death.

As an herbal product, the FDA does not regulate kava tea. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has investigated a number of complaints that have been aimed at products containing the powerful kava plant. In 2002, the FDA warned the healthcare community of the possibility of severe liver damage due to drinking kava products.

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