Lipozene Class Action Lawsuit Filed in California

The dietary supplement industry has recently been on the receiving end of unparalleled criticism. Recent months have witnessed an influx of false and misleading claims regarding the efficacy of many products. Perpetuating the current tradition of questionable products, is a class action lawsuit that has been filed against the makers of Lipozene weight loss supplements. According to court documents, the firm made fraudulent claims about the efficacy of glucomannan, a derivative from the konjac root.

Obesity Research Institute and DOES 1.25*, the makers of Lipozene products, claim that their products create a dietary sponge that makes consumers feel full, therefore reducing their overall caloric intake while simultaneously adding fiber to their diet. Subsequently, their labels promise consumers significant weight loss or their money back. Glucomannan, the main and only ingredient in Lipozene, is a natural fiber from the konjac root. As a natural fiber supplement, glucomannan curbs hunger by creating a false sense of fullness.

However, a class action lawsuit has filed against Obesity Research Institute and DOES 1.25* on January 17 in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California for making false claims. Complaints filed by the plaintiff, Martin Conde, allege that the weight loss claims made about Lipozene are “false and misleading.” Conde suggests that the research provided by the manufacturers does not provide any evidence that their products work. “Research relied upon by the defendant does not substantiate its claims.”

Subsequently, plaintiff representatives are arguing that claims made by the Lipozene website, printed materials, radio and TV ads are not supported by any significant evidence or clinical research. According to plaintiffs, “no reliable clinical research or university testing can support the claims. Those tests and studies purportedly relied upon by the defendant are not named or identified by the defendant nor are the universities or institutions that allegedly conducted them.” Plaintiffs continued to acknowledge that the “defendants exaggerated and/or blatant misrepresentations regarding the efficacy of their products were designed to and did lead the plaintiff and others similarly situated to believe that the products were effective at providing weight loss and the reduction of fat.”

The current class action lawsuit includes anyone who purchased Lipozene products in California or over the internet from April 1, 2011.

Do I Have a Lipozene Class Action Lawsuit?

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