Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacement Liners Recalled

Concern regarding the implantation of metal-on-metal hip implants has been elevated due to recent associations with catastrophic complications. Of significant concern to healthcare providers and regulatory agencies around the world are the metal shavings generated by the wear and tear of such devices. However, a recent announcement made by Smith & Nephew has managed compounded the already ambiguous situation. According to the global medical technology business, their specific line of metal hip socket liners will be removed from the market for reasons unknown.

As a global leader in the field of medical technology, Smith & Nephew has established itself as a premier provider of revolutionary treatment options. Specializing in orthopaedic reconstruction, advanced wound management, sports medicine and injury treatment, this company has helped millions of patients reestablish the functional lifestyle they were accustomed to before suffering from a traumatic injury.

One field in particular, in which Smith & Nephew excel, is that of orthopaedic reconstruction. Subsequently, one of Smith & Nephew’s most popular products in circulation is the R3 Acetabular Hip Replacement System. The R3 system was engineered with a STIKTITE porous coating that is designed to enhance fixation and promote bony in-growth. The multi-bearing cup, in addition to providing flexibility for patients, provides a foundation designed to reduce wear and the subsequent need for revision surgery. Optimized liner inserts help to accommodate a larger head sizes and help the R3 system achieve a greater range of motion in the hip joints of patients.

Unfortunately, the metal hip socket liners that are used to generate a wider range of motion have become a topic of concern. The metal liner was made available in 2009, and is estimated to have been implanted in 7,700 patients. The device coupled with the optional metal liner creates an all-metal artificial hip system, which is used in stemmed total hip replacements. Therefore, concern was expressed when Smith & Nephew announced that they would be recalling their metal hip socket liner used in R3 Acetabular Hip Replacement Systems.

Smith & Nephew said it is “not satisfied with the clinical results” of the liner because some patients needed an additional surgery to have the liner removed. The company described the move as a precaution and said patients who have not experienced problems don’t need to have the liner removed. However, the current recall follows similar trends made by prominent manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip devices.

Metal-on-metal hip replacement systems are comprised of a series of metallic components (cobalt and chromium) in order to promote longevity and dexterity. Unfortunately, recent evidence suggests that metallic components consisting of cobalt and chromium may coincide with catastrophic complications in defective hip replacements. More specifically, the wear and tear that ball and socket components generate may lead to significant deterioration over a seemingly short period of time. This degeneration has a tendency to create minute metal shavings that have the potential to cause significant damage to an individual. As a result, these metal pieces may lead to a concentration of hazardous metal shards in the fluid of the joint and surrounding muscles that can cause extreme pain and swelling when leached into the recipient. Therefore, patients are forced to undergo revision surgery to fix the defective hip replacement.

News of the Smith & Nephew recall may have an overwhelming affect on the future of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. However, an immediate impact was felt in the stock market when shares of Smith & Nephew lost $1.40, or 3 percent, to $45.26 in afternoon trading.

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