Michelin Tire Recall Lawsuit

Michelin, a leader in the automotive industry, has developed a reputation for providing superior tires that excel in categories such as breaking, handling and fuel efficiency. However, the popular tire manufacturer was recently forced to conduct a nationwide recall because select models exhibited an increased propensity for tread separation and subsequent air loss. As a result, Michelin has recalled 841,000 BFGoodrich and Uniroyal tires because they may place the occupants of their vehicles in dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations.

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Michelin Tire Recall Lawsuit Overview

Michelin has been a part of the tire industry in the United States since 1907 when it purchased the International Rubber Company in Milltown, New Jersey. However, the Michelin North America we have become so familiar with took form In March of 1950. It operates in the United States, Canada and Mexico with headquarter operations and plants in each respective country. As a whole, Michelin generates approximately $7.25 billion a year from its 18 operating plants. Each plant is devoted to producing high quality tires for airplanes, automobiles, farm equipment, heavy duty trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and even the space shuttle. In an effort to better their standing in the U.S. market, Michelin decided to purchase the Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company in 1989. In doing so, Michelin became the largest tire company in the world.

While Michelin has prided themselves on the quality of their production, a recent influx of defective tires has threatened their reputation. As of july 26, Michelin announced a voluntary recall of approximately 841,000 of its BFGoodrich and Uniroyal tires. The recall was announced because the defective tires demonstrated an increased propensity for tread separation and subsequent rapid air loss. Should this occur while the vehicle is in motion, the occupants may be placed in serious and potentially life-threatening situations.

“This condition may increase the risk of a vehicle crash,” said Mike Wischhusen, Michelin’s technical director, in a letter to tire owners. Do to the rate and severity in which these incidents may occur, consumers involved in an accident with the tires mentioned on this page may be entitled to compensation for their injuries by filing their own Michelin tire recall lawsuit.

Recalled Tires

The tires involved in the current Michelin tire recall are mounted on commercial light trucks and full-size, heavy-duty vans, though some people may have bought them as replacement tires for their personal vehicles. About 799,900 of the tires were sold in the United States; the others were sold in Canada and Mexico, the company said. The following is a comprehensive list of the tires that are currently involved in the Michelin tire recall:

“It is important that all recalled tires be removed from service as soon as possible,” Wischhusen said in the letter, which urges consumers to visit their BFGoodrich retailer to have them replaced without charge.

Do I Have a Michelin Tire Recall Lawsuit?

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