Military Investigation Links DMAA to the Deaths of Two United States Soldiers

December 6, 2011 witnessed the United States Military place a temporary moratorium on the sales of several popular weight-loss and body building supplements. Subsequently, these actions are due in part to the allegedly dangerous ingredient Dimethylamylamine (DMAA), which researchers believe may be linked to the deaths of two United States soldiers. Toxicology reports revealed traces of DMAA in the deceased soldiers after they both suffered fatal cardiac events during extreme physical exertion.

Dimethylamylamine, more commonly known as DMAA, is the active ingredient in several dietary supplements that promote weight-loss, body building, and performance enhancement. DMAA has been marketed as a dietary supplement ingredient in combination with caffeine and other ingredients to be used as an over-the-counter thermogenic or general purpose stimulant intended to increase workout energy and efficiency.

Though dietary supplements containing DMAA have proven capable of elevating energy and efficiency of workouts, they are not without concern. Consumers who implement a regimen of DMAA may experience a wide range of dangerous side effects that vary in severity. Several accounts of adverse health events have already been documented by members of the United States Military. According to the Directorate of Strategic Communications Office of the Surgeon General, “reports from healthcare providers in all services have highlighted concerns about rapid heart beat, seizure, loss of consciousness, muscle injury during exertion, and kidney and liver damage.”

Compounding concerns even further, are the recent deaths of two soldiers believed to be the victims of cardiac toxicity resulting from DMAA ingestion. Last summer a 22-year-old soldier collapsed during a routine physical fitness exercise with his unit at an Army installation in the Southwest United States. Subsequently, several months later, a 32-year-old soldier collapsed upon completing the Army Physical Fitness test at the same location.

Each soldier experienced cardiac arrest while engaging in routine strenuous physical activity. The first circumstance, involving the 22-year-old, witnessed the development of a high fever and excessive muscle breakdown. The injuries proved too severe for the man, who was later pronounced dead in the hospital. Only a few months later, the second victim was claimed by similar circumstances. While the 32-year-old victim was able to be resuscitated, severe multiple organ failure resulted in his death one month later.

The toxicology reports of each individual revealed traces of DMAA that had been ingested through dietary supplements. While doctors are still deliberating as to what may have caused the deaths, further investigations have added weight to the suspected link with DMAA.

While the nature of the deaths remain ambiguous, the Department of Defense has taken precautionary measures into their own hands. On December 6th, officials removed DMAA products from military exchanges and commissaries around the world, placing them on “medical hold.” The products will remain unavailable until further research reveals the safety and efficacy of such products.

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