New Catholic Study of Clergy Abuse Claims Priests Are Not at Fault

It is no secret that members of the clergy have become the subject of intense scrutiny in the church community. For years, allegations of sexual abuse have plagued these so called “servants of God” in nearly every religious creed. However, reports of the Catholic Church obfuscating sexual abuse by priests somehow transcends all other denominations.

In response to these mounting allegations, the Catholic Church has sanctioned a study, along with a report, that gives insight as to why priests may rape children of the clergy, along with detailed strategies intended to diminish the frequency of such abuse. In this study, “The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010,” the Catholic Church proceeded to place the blame of perpetrated rapes on everyone except themselves. In what might be considered, less than objective, Karen J. Terry conducted a study with the help of various Catholic organizations. According to their findings, the report failed to place the blame on the offending priests or the Catholic Church that turned a blind eye to the problem for decades.

In her report, Terry alleges that the priests became the focal point of societal issues because an “increased frequency of abuse in the 1960s and 1970s was consistent with the patterns of increased deviance of society during that time.” Accordingly, Terry believes that society was to blame for the abuse in the 60’s and 70’s. However, her insight gives no explanation as to why abusive allegations continued to plague the Catholic Church until present day. Deductions such as Terry’s may prove to be offensive to victims as she designates a 20-year time span as the cause of an entire generation’s worth of sexual abuse by priests around the world.

In her report, Terry continues her defense of the Catholic Church by contending that priests who rape young children should not be considered pedophiles. According to Terry, “Most of the priests who had allegations of abuse, abused pubescent or post-pubescent minors.” After conducting a $1.4 million study, Terry’s, seemingly insulting, findings imply that the victims of pedophiles are to be defined as ten years of age or younger. Therefore, she believes any priest labeled as a pedophile, has been done so on a false accord. It is important to note that for the purpose of defending the Catholic Church against litigation from victims of clergy-rape, Terry claims that abusing an eleven-year-old boy does not carry the same stigma of pedophilia that a ten-year-old boy would warrant. Regardless if victims are even more physically and psychologically damaged than a ten-year-old.

Even after the release of this report, the Catholic Church has neglected to acknowledge that there is an endemic problem regarding clergy abuse in the United States. However, there is no doubt that parents who trusted their children to perverted priests felt betrayed and had to go to the courts for satisfaction. The study’s attempt to blame society for clergy abuse not only insults the integrity of the victims, but serves as a failed attempt to delegate the blame somewhere else. The study’s implications serve as a gross reminder that regardless of the religious affiliation, the children of our nation may never be safe from sexual predators in any church denomination.

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