New Lawsuit Alleges LAUSD Failed to Protect Students from Abuse

A new lawsuit has been brought against the Los Angeles United School District, alleging that it once again failed to protect its students from sexual abuse and misconduct by one of its employees. The suit, brought forth by five former students of Benjamin Franklin High School, involves ex-volunteer assistant football coach Jaime Jimenez, who is currently facing numerous criminal charges.

As My News LA reports, the lawsuit claims the LAUSD “failed to take reasonable steps and implement reasonable safeguards to avoid acts of unlawful sexual conduct by Jimenez, including prevent abuse of plaintiffs… Instead, defendants ignored and concealed the sexual abuse of plaintiffs and others by Jimenez that already occurred.” According to investigators, Jimenez regularly exhibited behavior that should have served as a red flag to administrators, including secluding students in his office, giving them rides home, and spending time with them off campus.

Jimenez, 47, is facing 23 felony counts related to his alleged behavior with students, including sodomy of a person under 16 and lewd acts on a child. He was arrested in April of last year. His alleged offenses are believed to have occurred over 11 years, starting in 2002.

A History of Failing Students

The suit against LAUSD not only cites Jimenez’s charges but also the district’s numerous prior failings to identify, discipline, and remove employees that have shown to be a threat to Los Angeles students. The lawsuit addresses the “long-standing custom and practice … to harbor and protect suspected child predators at the expense of the safety and welfare of children.” Other recent offending ex-employees, such as Robert Pimentel of George De La Torre Jr. and Mark Berndt of Miramonte Elementary School are mentioned.

The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP is currently representing the plaintiffs in this case and working diligently to ensure their claims are compellingly put forth and the crimes against them are properly recognized by the accountable parties.

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