Oxnard Teacher Arrested on Suspicion of Child Annoyance

Officials from the Oxnard Police Department reported the arrest of an Oxnard teacher earlier this week under suspicion of misdemeanor child annoying. The teacher – 41-year-old Jorge Arellano – was a math instructor at Oxnard High School. He was taken into custody at his home on Wednesday for child annoyance of at least one former student. Authorities believe that there may be more students.

Arellano’s arrest comes after a six month investigation that began in October 2013 after Arellano was accused of inappropriate conduct involving four female students. Three of the students told a school counselor that they were concerned about a friend and Arellano. Although further details were not provided, authorities have stated that there was sufficient evidence to arrest Arellano under suspicion of child annoyance – which is most commonly a misdemeanor in the state of California.

School district officials were informed of the investigation, but according to the Assistant Superintendent were surprised by the arrest. The District has been told not to allow Arellano back into the classroom. He has been placed on administrative unpaid leave and is scheduled to appear in court on May 21. Police are also encouraging anyone with information to step forward.

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