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Once regarded as a possible successor to the legendary Joe Paterno at Penn State University, former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky now stands accused of committing multiple, heinous crimes against humanity. According to the 40-count indictment brought forth by the state Attorney General’s office, Sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a period of 15 years. Charges leveled against Sandusky have not only rocked the moral foundation at Penn State, but threaten to put him in prison for life.

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Penn State Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Overview

Jerry Sandusky began what was once considered an illustrious career with Penn State University over 40 years ago. In 1969, he was named the defensive line coach under the already well established Joe Paterno on the Penn State football team. After working his way up to defensive coordinator, Sandusky established an unquestioned reputation for Penn State football as “Linebacker U.,” as he helped Joe Paterno earn the most wins in Division I history.

During his reign as one of the best defensive coordinators to grace college football, Sandusky established The Second Mile, a foundation dedicated to helping young children who are burdened with dysfunctional or absent families. The Second Mile challenges young people to achieve their potential as individuals and community members by providing opportunities for them to develop positive life skills.

Unfortunately, The Second Mile provided Sandusky with a mechanism in which he could associate with young children on a constant basis. Subsequently, it was through the establishment of this organization that he found his victims. Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly says he used the organization to find his victims, calling Sandusky a sexual predator.

According to court documents, the next 15 years witnessed Sandusky sexually abuse eight children on more than 40 counts of salacious behavior. It was not until spring of 2008 that Sandusky’s lewd actions were reported to the proper authorities. The mother of a high school victim reported the alleged sexual abuse to school officials. The following year, an investigation by the Pennsylvania attorney general began once a Clinton County, Pa. teen boy told authorities that Sandusky had inappropriately touched him several times over a four-year period.

Following an intensive two year investigation, Sandusky was arrested on November 5, 2011. According to the indictment, several of the alleged crimes took place on campus, in the Lasch Football Building. In the spring of 2002, a graduate assistant reported he witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in the shower. Sandusky is currently charged with sexually abusing eight children. His bail is set at $100,000 and faces life in prison if convicted.

Neglect for Child Safety

In addition to the acts against humanity committed by Sandusky, two high-ranking university administrators have stepped down after facing charges that they lied to a grand jury investigating former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and failed to properly report suspected child abuse. Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley, 57, and Gary Schultz, 62, senior vice president of finance and business who oversees the university police department, are charged with failing to report the suspected crimes and lying to a grand jury.

After hearing reports of Sandusky’s lewd actions, Curley and Schultz neglected to report the incidents to the proper authorities. In failing to do so, they demonstrated a gross neglect for child safety. Subsequently, Sandusky was able to continue with his heinous acts against several victims. Due to the extent of this case, victims may need to contact a lawyer at The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP regarding their potential Penn State sexual abuse lawsuit.

Do I have a Penn State Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

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