Polar Care 500 Lawsuit

The Polar Care 500 is a popular cold therapy system that is indicated to assist and facilitate in the recovery of damaged soft tissue. It is often prescribed in the presence of orthopedic trauma and injuries sustained from subsequent surgeries to foster a faster rehabilitation. Unfortunately, these devices have recently become a subject of great concern within the healthcare industry. Improper use, operator negligence, or defective components may lead to the development of catastrophic complications. Prolonged exposure to the Polar Care 500 may result in severe nerve damage, chronic pain, and frostbite.

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Polar Care 500 Lawsuit Overview

Pain and swelling are two inevitable side effects that coincide with surgery and soft tissue damage. Their presences not only causes discomfort, but slows down the entire healing process. Cold therapy systems like the Polar Care 500 are widely recognized as some of the most effective treatment methods in combating these symptoms. While reducing both pain and inflammation, the Polar Care 500 speeds up recovery time. The Polar Care 500 also enables the following:

  • The cold temperatures decrease fluid build up which leads to swelling in the injured body part.
  • They slow the release of chemicals that cause both pain and inflammation.
  • The cold temperatures decrease pain by reducing the ability of the nerve endings to conduct impulses.
  • Cold therapy systems aid in pain relief by limiting the muscle’s ability to maintain contraction, thus reducing muscle spasms.

Depending on the severity of the injury that is to be treated, the Polar Care 500 is often prescribed throughout the duration of a patient’s rehabilitation.

The Polar Care 500 represents the most recognized unit in the Breg family of continuous cold therapy systems. It is a Class II prescriptive device, requiring a physician’s prescription. The device features a unique temperature monitoring thermometer embedded in the outlet water hose to adjust the flow and display an accurate reading from 35 – 70 degrees. The cooler holds 11 quarts making it one of the largest available, and provides 8-10 hours of treatment before needing a fresh supply of ice and water.

While the Polar Care 500 has demonstrated an increased propensity for the rehabilitation of patients, it has recently become the target of a large Polar Care 500 lawsuit. Unfortunately, defective Polar Care 500 components, operator neglect, or improper use may be responsible for the development of serious side effects. Prolonged exposure to the Polar Care 500 may result in extensive nerve damage, chronic pain, and even frost bite. Due to the severity and frequency in which these injuries may occur, numerous Polar Care 500 lawsuits have been filed against Breg.

Polar Care 500 Injuries

Polar Care 500 lawsuits are currently evaluating the link between these cold therapy systems and the following injuries:

  • Severe skin damage
  • Extensive nerve damage
  • Frostbite
  • Muscle and Joint injuries
  • Extremity amputation
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)

FDA Warning

The American Journal of Pain Management conducted a case study in April of 2004 that documented numerous side effects that a patient sustained while receiving repetitive applications of cold therapy. As a result of this incident, and numerous other reports of cold therapy injuries, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) addressed the healthcare community with a Patient Safety Advisory in 2008. The advisory acknowledge the risks associated with cold therapy and served as a reminder to users to implement important safety precautions when using the devices. Included in their warnings were the risks of prolonged exposure. Those receiving cold therapy for a long period of time may be subjected to a non-freezing cold injury.

Polar Care 500 Lawsuit

Following a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure to remove loose debris in her knee on May 23, 2003, Whitney Engler was prescribed a Polar Care 500 cold therapy device. The Polar Care 500 was indicated to facilitate and assist in her rehabilitation. Upon prescribing her the device, Engler’s doctor recommended that she used the Polar Care 500 as much as possible to minimize swelling. Subsequently, Engler was instructed to sleep with the device wrapped around her knee, in order to maximize her chances of making a full recovery.

On a couple of weeks into her treatment, on the morning of June 12, 2003, Engler woke up to find a large black eschar (dead skin) underneath where the Polar Care 500 pad was placed. She was forced to undergo multiple surgical procedures in an attempt to minimize the obtrusive scare that had developed. It is believed she will have to go through more revision surgeries in the near future as well. Doctors later diagnosed her condition as residual neuropathy (hyperesthesia and dysathesia).

Following a two month Polar Care 500 lawsuit, Engler was awarded $12, 696, 220 for the injuries she had sustained as a result of her doctors neglect.

Similar Cold Therapy Systems

Cold therapy system lawsuits are currently evaluating the following devices for similar injury risks:

  • EBice
  • Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy

Do I Have a Polar Care 500 Lawsuit?

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