Private School Contacts LAPD to Investigate Former Teacher’s Conduct

On Sunday, July 14, administrators from the Marlborough School – a private female high school in Hancock Park, announced that the school has launched an investigation of a former teacher involving allegations of inappropriate conduct from a decade ago. According to school officials, the Los Angeles Police Department was contacted after a former student stepped forward to report an inappropriate physical relationship. It is the second report of inappropriate conduct involving the former teacher, who no longer works at the school.

The most recent incident involving the teacher is alleged to have taken place during the 2011-2012 school year. After a student reported that the teacher sent her a number of suggestive emails, the school conducted an internal review and made disciplinary actions. The student graduated the following year and the teacher resigned.

The same student also recently shared her account of the teacher’s conduct online, stating that teacher had touched her knee, told her that her short skirt and tight shirt were alluring, and that he had given her an A on an assignment because of her pretty eyes. The student has said the encounter caused her a great deal of distress and that the teacher should be more thoroughly investigated.

This recent report, together with the former student’s report from a decade ago, has prompted the Marlborough School to contact authorities and launch a full-fledged investigation. An investigative committee has also been formed and school officials are encouraging former students, parents, and alumni to step forward with any information about the teacher.