Products Liability Lawyer & Lawsuit

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Product Liability Litigation

People should be able trust that the products they purchase are safe when used as designed. Each year however, thousands of unsuspecting individuals around the country are injured or killed because of defective products. Fortunately, those responsible for these injuries can be held accountable by U.S. product liability laws. Product liability cases are extremely complex, requiring a law firm with the expertise and experience in handling defective product liability cases.

Three Stages of Defective Products

Products can become defective in three ways:

  • Product Design Defects A fundamental flaw occurs in the design of a product that makes it unsafe. If a consumer uses the product in the intended manner, and the consumer is injured by the product, then that individual may have a claim.
  • Product Manufacturing Defects No matter how careful the design, many defects can still occur during the manufacturing process. No matter what safety steps the manufacturer took during the production process, it is at fault if the product causes injury.
  • Inadequate Instructions or Warnings Even when a product has been properly designed and manufactured, it can still be dangerous if manufacturers or sellers fail to warn the consumer of dangers that are not obvious and instruct on proper use. In these cases, the manufacturer’s failure to warn must be the cause of the consumer’s injuries.

Product Liability Claims

Depending on the jurisdiction, product liability claims can be based on negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty within which the claim is based. Many states have enacted comprehensive product liability statutes. These statutory provisions can be very diverse, as there is no uniform federal products liability law.

Do I have a Products Liability Lawsuit?

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