Professor at Pasadena City College Admits to Having Sex with Students

Hugo Schwyzer is a well-recognized professor at Pasadena City College (PCC) where he has earned a reputation for his porn-related classes, the most recent of which was called, “Navigating Porn.” After last Thursday, Schwyzer will now also be recognized for much more than the infamous classes that he’s taught on campus. After admitting to having sex with students of PCC, the professor has once again admitted himself to a psych ward, marking his fifth visit this summer.

Schwyzer has been very open in the statements that he’s made to press since admitting to his sexual conduct last week. The professor’s confession was made over the Internet in connection with the atonement that is practiced during the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. In an interview conducted at the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula where Schywyzer is currently staying, the professor claimed to be on a manic high. In the professor’s own words, “I want people to have compassion for me and to recognize that if they are frustrated or angry with me, I did…things because I am sick…I’m a fraud.”

Commonly referred to as a male feminist by friends and colleagues, Schwyzer’s recent confession has created quite the uproar on campus, where college officials have been quick to state that they in no way “condone or tolerate such behavior by any faculty member.” The professor has made statements that seem to openly agree with those that have been released by PCC officials, saying that he believes himself to be a “terrible male feminist,” who has damaged the entire philosophy behind male feminism. In another statement released by the professor, he made the following admission:

“I was fraudulent in that I stated it was wrong for older men to have sexual relationships with younger women; but, in practice, I continued to have relationships with women who were young enough to be my daughter and there’s a lot of fraud and hypocrisy in that.”

While the professor’s startling confessions have been particularly forthcoming for someone in his position, they nevertheless seem to contradict some of the statements that have been made by one woman who claims to have engaged in a sexual relationship with Schwyzer. According to the professor, his sexual relationship with students ended in 1998 and never continued again. A statement from one former female student at PCC, however, would suggest otherwise. According to the former student, she and the professor engaged in a seven-month long relationship that involved meeting up for sex – sometimes on campus and even in the professor’s own office – until the young lady graduated from PCC.

Ironically, Schwyzer is said to have helped write the city college’s policy on consensual relationships, which strictly forbids such behaviors. The professor claims that the college not only knew about his past indiscretions, but that officials “warned [him] not to talk about [his] past.” According to Schwyzer, rather than being fired he was instead asked to write the campus policy forbidding sexual behavior between professors and students. Such is not the case any longer. Current college officials at PCC have indicated that if the sexual allegations turn out to be true, then the professor will very likely be fired.

As of now, Schwyzer is on extended medical leave, which was initiated at the professor’s own request. Privacy rights prohibit campus officials from commenting on the reason for Schwyzer’s leave, but PCC staff members have indicated that they do not expect to see Schwyzer return to campus. The professor has stated that he may seek to file a claim of psychiatric disability.

Schwyzer’s sexual behavior with his students is not uncommon in the college arena. In fact, professors on college campuses across the country have been found guilty of similar behaviors. If you were the victim of sexual abuse – consensual or non-consensual – by a professor on a college campus, then do not wait to speak to a California sexual abuse lawyer at The Senators Firm. We are an experienced team of legal professionals who have decades of experience among us. When you bring your case to the attention of our team, we can act quickly to help you take legal action against the sexual perpetrator. You can call our office toll free, 24/7 at (949) 557-5800.