Prominent Sexual Abuse Firms The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP and Manly, Stewart & Finaldi Join Forces to Represent Abuse Victims in First Lawsuit Filed in USC Gynecologist Sex Abuse Scandal

Alleged victims of Dr. George Tyndall, a gynecologist employed for decades at the University of Southern California (USC) on-campus Student Health Center, have retained the services of nationally recognized sexual abuse survivor civil litigation attorneys Manly, Stewart & Finaldi and The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP, both based in Southern California. The California sex abuse law firms expect numerous additional victims to come forward in the coming days and months as the full details of Tyndall’s conduct and the negligence of the university are made public.

Abusive Conduct Allegedly Carried Out by Dr. Tyndall

The first survivor’s lawsuit was filed on May 21st, 2018 in Los Angeles Superior Court. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of four “Jane Doe” plaintiffs, alleges that Tyndall, who was the only full-time gynecologist at the USC Student Health Clinic for many years, used his position to sexually abuse patients on multiple occasions. The complaint, which names Tyndall and the University of Southern California as defendants, alleges that the USC clinician engaged in a multitude of inappropriate and sexually abusive conduct with scores of young female patients, including requiring that patients strip naked for routine gynecologic exams, groping breasts and other body parts, digital vaginal penetration without medical justification, and often conducting procedures without surgical gloves or other medically appropriate barriers against infection.

USC’s Apparent Awareness of the Illegal Behavior

According to press reports, Tyndall was allowed to “resign” from his post as part of a “settlement” offered to him by USC in the wake of complaints about his inappropriate conduct. The Los Angeles Times reported that complaints to USC officials began in the 1990s, when coworkers alleged he was improperly photographing students’ genitals. In the years that followed, patients and nursing staff were said to have accused him again and again of “creepy” behavior, including touching women inappropriately during pelvic exams and making sexually suggestive remarks about their bodies.

The Time’s investigation also uncovered an internal USC inquiry that determined that Tyndall’s behavior during pelvic exams was outside the scope of current medical practice and amounted to sexual harassment of students. The university did not inform Tyndall’s patients of the internal inquiry or its findings. Nor did USC report him at the time to the Medical Board of California, the agency responsible for protecting the public from problematic doctors. More troubling is the fact that USC apparently never contacted law enforcement, as is required under California law whenever healthcare providers become aware of possible sexual assault.

According to press reports, USC administrators have now admitted that Tyndall “should have been forced out of his job years ago,” and the question being asked by survivors and their lawyers is: What did administrators at USC know about Tyndall’s conduct with patients and when did they know it?

Individual & Employer Liability in Sexual Abuse Claims

Public and private entities that negligently hire, supervise, or retain employees who they know or reasonably should suspect pose a danger to others are legally responsible for any injuries caused by their employees’ conduct, including sexual assault and abuse. Survivors are entitled to compensation for damages stemming from physical injuries as well as past, current, and future emotional distress.

Sexual abuse survivors rarely know where to turn for competent legal advice. Sexual abuse cases comprise a complex and sensitive area of the law that requires attorneys who understand the unique concerns of survivors. Lawyers must be compassionate about their clients’ immediate legal, emotional, and physiological needs, and be relentlessly aggressive in their pursuit of justice against perpetrators and those who employ them.

Our California Sexual Abuse Law Firm Stands for Justice

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi and The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP literally wrote the book on investigating and litigating sexual assault and abuse cases. We have achieved record-breaking results for abuse survivors against the largest and most well-financed opponents, including the Catholic Church, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and major universities, such as Michigan State.

The firms’ most recent and groundbreaking accomplishments in sexual abuse and assault cases include:

  • In May 2018, Manly, Stewart & Finaldi recently announced a preliminary $500,000,000 settlement to be paid by Michigan State University on behalf of young female gymnasts abused by MSU employee Dr. Larry Nassar under the guise of conducting orthopedic treatments.
  • In May 2018, Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, in collaboration with The Senators Firm, LLP, achieved a $31,000,000 settlement from the Torrance Unified School District on behalf of 22 high school wrestlers abused by their coach, who claimed to be conducting nude “skin checks” for communicable skin diseases.
  • Between 2014 and 2016, Manly, Stewart & Finaldi and The Senators Firm, LLP recovered over $200,000,000 on behalf of school children abused by teachers at three separate Los Angeles Unified School District campuses, including a $139,000,000 settlement in the infamous Miramonte Elementary School litigation.

Our litigation strategy is simple and effective. First, we protect the rights of each of our clients, including their right to privacy and to just compensation. Second, we conduct an investigation that leaves no stone unturned in order to determine who knew what, and when they knew it, so that those responsible for allowing sexual abuse to occur under their watch can be held accountable for the damages to survivors; and so that churches, schools and other organizations are compelled to implement real and effective changes to prevent these horrific acts from occurring in the future.

If you or a loved one believe you have been subjected to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment by Dr. George Tyndall, or any other USC employee, please call us toll free at (949) 557-5800. All inquiries are absolutely confidential, and, if you decide to pursue a claim, California law allows victims of sexual abuse or assault to bring lawsuits under a pseudonym. California also allows the claims of out-of-state residents to be made in its state courts, and lack of U.S. citizenship is also not a barrier to civil lawsuit recovery. If you provide our firms the opportunity to represent you, you will not be responsible for any legal fees unless we achieve a settlement or judgment on your behalf.

Discover your rights and options after being sexually abused by Dr. Tyndall by contacting our law firm now. Our California sexual abuse lawyers are ready to give you the unwavering legal counsel you deserve.

(You can view the full filed complaint against Dr. Tyndall and USC by our law firms by clicking here.)

Please remember: Very strict time limits may apply to your ability to seek civil compensation. It is important that you consult an experienced lawyer as soon as you suspect that you may have been the victim of sexual assault or inappropriate conduct on the part of Dr. Tyndall or USC. Schedule your consultation now.