Propecia, Proscar Sexual Side Effects Warning Label Update

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently updated the warning labels of Propecia and Proscar to include information about long-term sexual complications that can persist indefinitely, even after users discontinue treatment with the drugs. Both medications have recently been linked to decreased libido, problems with orgasm, erectile dysfunction, and impotence. In addition to the risk of sexual side effects, Propecia and Proscar have been increasingly associated with male breast cancer, prostate cancer, endocrine system failure, and severe psychological trauma.

The FDA’s decision to update the warning labels of Propecia and Proscar was based on a number of adverse event reports submitted to the administration and Merck, the company that manufactures both medications. Although the sexual side effects listed above have not been conclusively linked to the drugs, the FDA went ahead with the new warning because the reports indicate a broader range of health complications that men should be aware of prior to undergoing treatment.

Propecia’s new label will state that users have reported decreased libido and problems with ejaculation and orgasm for at least 90 days after quitting the drug. The updated Proscar label notes that users who discontinued treatment suffered from decreased libido that persisted for at least two weeks following cessation. Labels of both drugs will state that some users experienced male infertility that returned to normal once the medication was discontinued. The FDA is advising anyone taking Propecia or Proscar to carefully consider the risks and benefits of the medication with their doctor.

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