Riders Injured When Shoot the Rapids Boat Flipped at Ohio Theme Park

Yesterday we reported of a fatal rollercoaster accident that claimed the life of one unsuspecting rider. Today, yet another amusement park accident is on our radar, as more news continues to break about last Friday’s boat flip on the Shoot the Rapids ride in Ohio. Cedar Point is a well-known and highly attended them park in Ohio, and on Friday July 19th, even more attention was drawn to the park; unfortunately, this attention has been less than positive since the release of news that one of the park’s main attractions was connected to a serious accident that left 7 people injured.

On Friday night at 6:42 p.m. ride operators of Shoot the Rapids stopped the ride after witnessing one of the attraction’s boats roll backward down the lift hill upon which it was traveling. Immediately reporting to the scene were Cedar Point police officials, EMS staff, additional ride operators, and even on-looking guests of the park. Together, the gathering of first-responders and park guests aided in the unloading and exiting of all 7 riders aboard the boat-like raft that had just fallen back down the lift that it had been traveling up mere second before.

Cedar Point officials are still heavily investigating the incident that occurred last Friday, and have stated little beyond the fact that the ride will remain closed until park officials and inspectors from the state of Ohio have completed their review. Further official information regarding last week’s incident at the amusement park is still pending, but several accounts from bystanders of the accident have surfaced since Friday, reports of which all seem to closely match one another in detail.

M. Orr, a 26-year-old native of Euclid, Ohio was at the scene when the accident happened. According to his report, approximately 9 people jumped from the boat and into the water to turn the boat right-side up after it flipped. As Orr saw it, the accident seemed to have left at least one woman suffering from a serious injury to the head. Accordingly to similar reports, it also appeared that both children and adults were aboard the ride when it malfunctioned and slid back down the hill that it had been ascending.

Until further official reports about the incident are released, we can expect a great deal of speculation regarding the accident to continue. Backed by years of legal experience, at The SenatorsRet Firm℠ we are well aware of the fact that these types of accidents take time to unravel. Determining how and why the boat malfunctioned – causing it to roll back down the lift – could be a difficult task for the professionals assigned to it. We also realize, however, that the victims of such accidents often cannot afford to wait out the many months that it might take to reveal the full details of the accident. Injured parties deserve to be provided with the compensation that they need in order to be able to seek medical treatment and any other necessities for their recovery.

At our office, we are here to help ensure that injured persons are provided with the immediate medical attention they need and the full compensation that they deserve after experiencing any type injury from an amusement park accident. To take advantage of the legal services that we have to offer, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our California attorneys today. We are here to help in every way possible, so contact us today to learn more.