Risks Should Be Discussed with Men on Testosterone, Researchers Say

New evidence associating the use of testosterone drugs with increased risks for stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular problems have sparked concern throughout the country. In particular, many experts are concerned about the popularity of testosterone, as well as the fact that products such as AndroGel® are widely used, even by men who may not necessarily have a medical condition that warrants the treatment. In an attempt to better understand these risks, and to make consumers aware of the possible side effects associated with testosterone, experts from the Endocrine Society are calling for a full evaluation of testosterone products.

On Friday, February 7, officials from the Endocrine Society issued a statement that the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy for older men need to be clearly evaluated. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has also announced plans to research testosterone risks and benefits. According to officials, the Endocrine Society is pushing for large-scale studies and randomized controlled trials to more accurately determine these risks and benefits.

In addition to strengthening research efforts, the Endocrine Society is also encouraging men who may be taking testosterone – or considering the use of testosterone therapy – to fully discuss risks and benefits with their physicians. Medical professionals, they say, should make all men aware of the potential cardiovascular risks. Men with a history of heart disease or cardiovascular problems should also reconsider the use of testosterone.

Support from organizations such as the Endocrine Society will help expand our collective knowledge about the risks associated with testosterone therapy. If you or a loved one has suffered harm after taking testosterone, The Senators (Ret.) Firm is prepared to review your case and inform you of your rights. Call (949) 557-5800 to discuss your case.