Sex Abuse Files from L.A. Catholic Church Released

Hundreds of secret church files were released last Wednesday, August 7, 2013, all of which have since revealed the worrisome career choices made by approximately a dozen different religious order priests, brothers, and nuns. The files that were released last week expose the unabashed instances of child sexual abuse that were found to occur between the years of 1950 and 1980, which include no fewer than 21 alleged victims.

More than 500 pages of the files that have been released were for a single priest alone, one R. Martinez who belonged to a religious order known as the United States Province of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The documents reveal that the priest was not only guilty of child molestation, but that the Roman Catholic Church knew of the priest’s indiscretions and allowed him to continue on in the church. According to the reports, the priest was systematically shuttled from one church to the next as higher-ups attempted to “cure” him of his pedophilia, also sending him to inpatient treatment and paying for decades of therapy but never removing him from the situation entirely. Martinez was even enrolled in a counseling program specifically for people with sexual compulsions; however, he was never removed from parishes where he posed significant threat to the children to whom he was exposed over the years.

Martinez is only one among many priests who were found to be executing sexually inappropriate behaviors with some of the young children under their care. Cries of child molestation, pedophilia, and more have all been made, most all of which have been validated with the latest files to be released. If you were the victim of such mistreatment, we urge to you contact a California sexual abuse lawyer at The Senators Firm as immediately as possible. With the help of an experienced and proven attorney from our firm, you can take legal action.