Ten Dead in College Tour Bus Accident

Ten people are confirmed dead after a commercial truck collided with a charter bus carrying high school students in Northern California. One student, a 17-year-old high school senior, remembers waking up from a nap only a few moments before the impact.

“All of the sudden I could hear people screaming,” he said, “I woke up and then came the impact.”

“All of the sudden I could hear people screaming…I woke up and then came the impact.”

The charter bus carried 48 passengers, many of whom were college-bound high school students from Los Angeles on a university tour across the state. The accident occurred on Interstate 5 about 100 miles north of Sacramento in Orland.

According to news sources, a FedEx truck crossed the divider, hit a passenger vehicle, and slammed head-on into the charter bus.

“I just heard a loud boom,” one student said, “We knew we were in major trouble.”

Emergency responders treated more than 30 people for injuries, including cuts, scrapes, contusions, and severe burns. Approximately 35 victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment, some of them in critical condition. Five students were killed in the accident, along with both drivers and three chaperones.

Authorities Seek Cause of Accident

Authorities are still asking major questions in the wake of the fatal accident and are yet to discover what caused the crash. Highway Patrol and other officials searched the wreckage looking for answers but have failed to find conclusive evidence that points to a cause.

After investigating the wreck, one officer said, “I was surprised that anyone walked away from this. “The Damage was horrendous.”

The National Transportation Safety Board stated that it sent a team to investigate the crash.

Who is responsible?

Without knowing the exact cause of the accident, it is hard to say who is responsible for the deadly California charter bus wreck.

One thing is certain: many traffic collisions are caused by human negligence. Accidents are avoidable, and the families of the victims need answers.

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