Train & Railroad Accident Lawsuit

Trains and railroads serve as a valuable commodity to just about every industry. Their capacity to transport products and people is seen as an asset in nearly every aspect. However, the operation of such heavy equipment in civilian populations may result in catastrophic injuries. While train and railroad accidents are inevitable, they are often the product of negligence. Neglecting to obey traffic laws, standard maintenance and upkeep and simple operators error may all result in severe, life-threatening injuries to those involved in a train and railroad accident.

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Train and Railroad Accident Lawsuit Overview

Trains have served as a vital component in the development of our country and subsequent industries. As a result, millions of Americans trust their lives to trains and their operators on a daily basis. Their services ensure the transportation of goods and people in a timely manner without the nuisances of everyday driving obstacles. However, the environment in which they operate leaves little room for error.

While the strength and speed of a train appeal to those who rely on them for daily use, aspects such as these contribute to injuries sustained in train accidents. In the presence of operator negligence, poorly maintained tracks and equipment, driver error, and neglect for the law, a train’s combination of speed and power may result in a catastrophic accident with widespread injury to those involved.

Thousands of workers and travelers are injured each year in railroad accidents as a result of negligence by the companies who operate the railroads or their employees. According to the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), railroad companies are obligated to keep their workers safe and to protect them from an unnecessary risk of injury. When these corporations fail to provide their employees with safe working conditions, workers and civilians alike may sustain severe, life-threatening injuries. Due to the severe nature of these injuries, you may contact a lawyer at The Senators (Ret.) Firm, LLP for a free case evaluation regarding your potential train and railroad accident lawsuit.

Causes of Train and Railroad Accidents

There are countless circumstances that may result in a train and railroad accident. However, poorly maintained tracks are perhaps the most common cause of train accidents. Tracks that do not receive routine maintenance may exhibit a propensity for failure while being unable to support oncoming trains. In the event that a track is incapable of supporting a train, their is an increased risk that it will derail. A derailed train may collide with anything in its proximity, causing bodily damage to bystanders involved in the accident. Train derailment may be the fault of a faulty track or a negligent operator who is ill-equipped to handle such situations.

Similarly, railroad crossings are a common cause of train and railroad accidents. If a railroad crossing is not adequately maintained, an accident is more likely to occur. Accidents typically happen when signs are not working properly or there is an object obstructing the view of the train, passing vehicle or person. The presence of these inadequacies may result in a train colliding with an automobile that has strayed onto the track due to a distinct lack of warnings. Once again, a collision such as this could derail a train, causing significant and widespread injury to all involved.

Other causes of railroad accidents include collisions with another train, derailment, mechanical failure and driver inexperience or fatigue. The legal implications can be very complex for individuals who are considering a train and railroad accident lawsuit. Therefore, it is important to contact a firm that specializes in this type of litigation.

Train and Railroad Accident Injury Statistics

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, train accidents have accounted for more than 5,000 deaths and roughly 60,000 injuries in the past seven years. Subsequently, train and railroad accidents are a common occurrence in the U.S. The last decade has witnessed a steady trend in the number of total railroad accidents even though railroad use has decreased. In 2005 alone, there were nearly 3,200 train accidents in the U.S., which resulted in at least 33 fatalities and more than 730 injuries.

Do I Have a Train and Railroad Accident Lawsuit?

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