U.S. Soldiers To Partake in First Army Study Regarding the Safety of DMAA

Dimethylamylamine, otherwise known as DMAA, continues to remain a subject of increasing concern in the dietary supplement industry. As a result, regulatory agencies around the world are currently in the middle of intensive investigations to determine whether or not DMAA is responsible for an influx of severe, life-threatening complications. Included in those seeking to learn the truth about the ambiguous dietary supplement, are officials at the Army Public Health Command who recently announced that they will be conducting tests of their own. According to Army officials, Soldiers will be the subjects of the first U.S. government study into the health consequences of products containing DMAA.

Products containing DMAA have been marketed as dietary supplements and distributed under several names. Subsequently, there is currently an abundance of DMAA products on store shelves. In order to determine what products contain DMAA, officials at the Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC) have compiled a list of the DMAA products that are currently on the market.

When combined with caffeine and other ingredients, DMAA may be used as an over-the-counter thermogenic or general purpose stimulant intended to increase workout energy and efficiency. However, misconceptions regarding the origins and safety of DMAA have caused a great deal of controversy in the pharmaceutical industry.

Compounding the situation are two reported deaths in the United States Army. Mr. Graves, the Army spokesman, announced that DMAA had been identified in the toxicology reports of the two soldiers who suffered fatal heart attacks during physical exercise. Last summer, a 22-year-old soldier collapsed at an Army base in the Southwest during a training run with his unit. The fallowing fall witnessed a 32-year-old soldier at the same base collapse after taking a physical fitness test.

In addition to the two deaths, Graves acknowledged a possible link between products with DMAA and an influx of kidney failure, seizures, loss of consciousness and rapid heartbeat in other military personnel. As a result, the Army is currently evaluating whether the potential link between DMAA and these adverse events warrant further action. However, in reevaluating their stance on such products, the Army placed a temporary moratorium on sales of dietary supplements containing DMAA until their safety and efficacy could be determined.

In an attempt to study the health consequences of DMAA products, the Army Public Health Command announced that soldiers will be the first subjects in a soon to be government study. Officials at the Army Public Health Command told Stars and Stripes that they are in the process of identifying participants for a case control study on the effects dietary supplements that contain DMAA. Their objective is to determine if there is a link between the use of the amphetamine-like substance and reports of dangerous health conditions. “We are in the process of identifying potential Army participants and (we) are still finalizing study procedures,” according to a statement released by the command.

Results of the study are not expected until late summer.

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