What Happens If I am Sexually Abused in the Military? 

If you have been sexually abused in the military, report it and hire our attorneys to work with you immediately. You have the right to receive compensation and support as you face this traumatic situation, and our attorneys at The Senators Firm can help you. This can be a scary situation, but with our support and understanding, we can guide you to the best possible outcome.

Sexual Abuse in the Military Is an Ongoing Problem

Sexual assault of any form is illegal and can be damaging to a person in numerous ways. In the military, it can be a problem for anyone who is treated poorly or harassed, especially if it is by someone they are supposed to trust and rely on as a leader. More so, this type of case is not uncommon.

A study published by RAND found that, in 2018, 6.2% of all women and 0.7% of all men in the military reported sexual experiences. These are experiences that violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice, meaning they are a violation of what the military believes is considered sexual assault. The key here is not 6.2% but the number of women and men impacted. For that year alone, 13,000 women and an estimated 7,500 men were faced with these types of abuses.

This only reflects the number of people that report these crimes. Many more do not say anything. If that is you, let us help you.

In 2022, the Under Secretary of Defense noted in a press release that 8,942 reports of sexual assault involving a service member occurred and that in 2021, 8,866 claims were made. Unfortunately, these numbers remain relatively unchanged every year. Protect yourself and your rights by talking to an attorney from The Senators Firm as soon as possible about your case.

What Happens If You Are the Victim?

Laws in place in the US make sexual harassment, along with assault, illegal in the military. This includes any type of harassment such as but not limited to:

  • Sexual advances
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Demands for sexual favors
  • Knowingly engaging in a sexual act

This also includes situations where a person’s career, pay, or job in any way is impacted by the actions of the other person. Your pay, career trajectory, or anything else related to your employment with the military should not be contingent upon sexual activity or how you handle being sexually abused.

If this happens to you, reporting the crime is the first step. The current method for doing so is to use the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office to report what occurred. This is a necessary first step, but it may not be enough for you to get the legal support and guidance you need. We strongly encourage you to obtain legal guidance and support throughout this process. Let us be there for you.

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