California Youth Sports Sexual Abuse Lawyer 

Sexual abuse in Youth sports committed by those entrusted with a child’s well-being may impact young athletes across California. If your child or the child of someone you know has suffered sexual abuse by an individual responsible for safeguarding your child in California youth sports activities, reach out to a California child sexual abuse lawyer immediately.

The Senators Firm, LLP, will take civil action to recover compensation on your child’s behalf from individuals responsible for damages your child has suffered. We believe in representing your child’s legal rights as well as working to influence and change laws that protect children from perpetrators of child sexual abuse in California.

Why Work With a California Youth Sports Sexual Abuse Attorney

Your child deserves a fierce legal advocate after experiencing sexual abuse damages by a leader in California youth sports. A youth sports sexual abuse attorney can help you with the following critical components of a case:

  • Compiling sound documentation about the sexual abuse
  • Speaking with witnesses
  • Working with expert witnesses
  • Meeting legal deadlines and filing the appropriate documentation
  • Mediating between you and the insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement
  • Effectively presenting a case in court when financial compensation does not cover the damages your child experienced

Learn more about our firm and our dedication to litigating on behalf of injured and abused clients. Take the word of our previous clients in their testimonials of our willingness to fight for you.

Potential Damages in a California Youth Sports Sexual Abuse Case

Our California youth sports sexual abuse lawyers will fight for the maximum compensation available. We will thoroughly evaluate past damages and potential future costs impacting your child. Compensation may include:

  • Costs of medical care
  • Therapy costs
  • Medication expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of future earning capacity

Our firm understands the sensitive nature of these negligent acts. We offer compassionate support, walking you through the legal process and helping your child regain control of their life. While these verdicts and settlements may not reflect your exact compensation, they indicate our relentless willingness to secure notable case results.

Who May be Held Responsible in a Youth Sports Sexual Abuse Case in California

Individuals who knowingly contributed to the negligence impacting your child may face civil action. Report incidents of child abuse to local law enforcement who may pursue criminal action while we help you file a civil action for the damages resulting from negligence. The following individuals may be held liable in for negligence impacting your child:

  • Coaches
  • Sports trainers
  • Volunteers
  • Medical staff
  • Sports therapists
  • Sports administrators

No one is above civil legal action. New laws in California addressing the statute of limitations on childhood sexual assault are removing barriers to justice for victims of youth sports sexual abuse by extending the time a youth sports abuse survivor has to take action.

When to Contact a Youth Sports Sexual Abuse Lawyer in California

Reach out immediately to allow us to begin securing critical documentation in a California child sexual abuse case. We strive to ensure the strength of your child’s case and the most favorable outcome to help them seek physical, emotional, and financial recovery. Even when some time has passed since the abuse , we remain undeterred in our commitment to you.

Request a free consultation today. The Senators Firm, LLP has your child’s well-being at the forefront of every step. We equip you to make the best decision possible for your child.