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Sexual Abuse in Hospitals & Care Centers in California

Institutionalized adults are those who have been entrusted to professional care in hospitals, rehab centers, care centers, psychiatric wards, and the like. Due to the dependent and often helpless nature of these individuals, it is not uncommon for them to be sexually abused by those in charge of their care, or even by fellow patients. Sexual abuse in institutions is not just a form of negligent malpractice; it is a crime that must be reported and taken to court for compensation and justice.

Families place loved ones in institutions where they are supposed to receive excellent care, but some come to find out that their elderly relatives have suffered physical and emotional injuries due to sexual assault. If your loved one has been abused in such a manner, then speak with a California sexual abuse attorney right away to ensure that you obtain the justice you deserve. The Senators Firm has recovered millions in damages for sexually abused clients in the past and can work to maximize your compensation as well. Find out more by calling today!

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